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Exploring Grand Canyon

I used to be fairly reticent about dipping my toes into anything too crazy outdoors, and it’s with that mindset that I found myself in when I moved to AZ in early 2016. Little did I know, that my outlook was going to be completely changed very soon.

In the sweltering heat of 2016 summers in East Valley of the Phoenix Metro Area, I finally set out to go checkout Grand Canyon nestled up in Kaibab National Forest. Since my initial visit, I’ve been to the ‘Canyon’ a futher 7 times. And it’s as exceptional and stunning as it was the very first time. I’m personally a little biased to seeing this wonderous landscape during the winter time because of the snow, as you’ll see why !!

Grand Canyon National Park

Living in AZ, I am usually tasked with the Intro to AZ tour for any of my friends/family who come visit. It’s always a plus in my books and I enjoy this role thoroughly. Last year, I experienced another wonderful chapter in my outdoor exploration. Along with a couple of my colleagues, we did the rim-to-river-and-back hike. And it’s exactly how it sounds. Starting from South Kaibab Trailhead, we hiked down all the way to Phantom Ranch and after a quick lunch, took the Bright Angel Trail all the way back up. Capturing that monumental hike in a few words doesn’t do it justice. It took us over 13 hours and close to 23 miles in total distance hiked in a single day.

From the moment we got back, I’ve been dreaming of doing that hike again - and that’s exactly what I’m going to do next month. In preperation for it, my colleagues and I have been hiking the fine trails in the Phoenix Metro Area. Once our hiking season for 2019 culminates with the Grand Canyon hike, I plan to share more pictures of our adventures.

Written on Feb 26, 2019.